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The Warped Series


The Warped series, a collection of scanned color 35 slides taken by the artist my mother in the 1970s, found after her death from Alzheimers 2014.   The Warped series slides have badly deteriorated due to mold damage, neglected victims of a flood in the family garage. The distorted photographs appear as if they have been recalled from the recesses of memory, from behind closed eyes, remnant recordings of the scorched and fading burns of visual memory. 


Now that my mother has passed away, this series represents an unspoken intimate dialogue between my mother’s personal history and my new responsibility as the inheritor and guardian of her visual past. Through these images, I am following her down the rabbit hole of her past self, (what she saw, how she felt) before she was the her that I knew. As I am tasked with re-defining what these images will communicate in their new future re-born as digital data, they are a trail of crumbs leading my way as I look for answers to questions I never got a chance to ask. 

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